PABX 2Co. 8Ext.

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  • Miracall PABX 2 Co. 8 Ext.
  • Model No. TAD-208
  • Co line: 2  (NTC Line)
  • Extension : 8 port
  • Auto Attendant / Oprator
  • DTMF Caller ID
  • Welcome Message (OGM)
  • Call Forwarding, Call Interrupt
  • Extension Flexible Numbering
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Best Review product
  • Note : If you need Installation and  support  technician  please call on : 9841018098


PABX 2 Co line 8 Extension / TAD-208

Miracall TAD-416 PABX is the Private Branch Exchange intercom system device which use in Bank, Corporate Office, Hotel, Call center, House and Hospital etc. This device support 2 co(Telecom) line input and 8 port extensions.  It has free of cost among staff calls, provide easy flexible exchange numbers and the machine automatically attend the costumers incoming calls to give information about exchange staff number for dailing required.

Here is several features:-  four telecome lines 16 extensions PABX: Private Branch Exchange. PC Program & Billing System, Toll Restriction ,Pc Program, SMDR, FSK, DTMF Caller ID, Welcome Message ,Call Forwarding, Call interrupt and Break, Call Pickup Call on Hold, Call Duration Control, Class of Service ,Extension Flexible Numbering, Power Failure Transfer, Call Conference, Set Operator, Auto Attendant, Flash time Setting ,3 Class Lighting Protection.

Specification PABX

Co Lines 2 Or 3
CLID Reception/Intercom/after transferred
Disa Message 30sec., 3 duration
Operator 2
Local Extension 8
House Material ABS
Features Auto-fax,PC,Day/night,LCR,Music
Certification CE,FCC
Size of RAM 2 GB
Weight 1.3 kg
Auto Attandant Incoming call received by self-recorded welcome message and being transferred.(welcome message can be recorded from computer file or by telephone set self-record by users) Simply input one digit such as dial “1” to Sales, dial “2” for After-service…dial “9” for technical (while if dial “0” will be to reception phone).
Auto Fax Detection In the auto-attendant mode, an incoming call can be automatically switched to fax extension.
Call Pickup You can pick up the remote ringing extension, including:
– Pick up any extension Ramdonly
– Only allow Pickup in the same Group
Donot Disturb(DND) All calls to DND extension will hear busy tone but you can still call out.
3rd Party Conference Call 3rd intercom user can join the existing conversation between one external user and one intercom user.
Auto Least Cost Route You can set 2groups and 1~9digit routing selection to different CO lines.
Call Back on busy The busy extension will call back automatically when it becomes idle.
Abbreviation Dialing The system can save 99 abbreviated numbers.
Walking Account Code The User can make a call at any extension but billing charge counting on the code password.
Extension Call To lock the extension for private use, other parties cannot use this extension dialing out without the password.
Call Interrupt and Barge In The manager extension can interrupt and insert into a conversation between Extension & External line.
Ringing Assignment You can set 4 extensions ringing for incoming calls
Outside Calls Including: – Directly dial an external telephone number. – Dial “0” to outside – Select desired CO line port directly
Power Supply AC110 or AC220V 50-60Hz
Power Consume ≤ 20VA
Feed Currency DC48V, 20~30mA
Distortion ≤ 10%
Ringing Currency AC70V ±10%, 50hZ
Voltage Proof 50hZ, 1000Vrms/ minute


Note : If you need Installation and  support  technician  please call us on : 9841018098

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