Magnetic Door Lock

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Magnetic Door Lock

  • Single Electric magnetic lock
  • Suitable for : glass door, wooden door, fireproof door
  • Delay time: 0~9 seconds
  • Capacity load/ForceĀ  : 280 kilograms


Magnetic Door Lock

  • Single Electric door lock
  • Suitable for : Iron, Almunium door, wooden door, fireproof door
  • Delay time: 0~9 seconds
  • Capacity load/ForceĀ  : 280 kilograms
  • Power : 12 volt 2A
  • Working with Switch, Access Controler
  • RFID, PIN, Face or Video Door Phone can oprate this lock.

The magnetic door lock consists of two main parts: an electromagnet mounted on the door frame and an armature plate attached to the door itself. When the door is closed, the electromagnet is energized, creating a magnetic force that attracts and holds the armature plate tightly against it. This effectively locks the door in place, preventing it from being opened without proper authorization.

One of the key advantages of magnetic door locks is their high load capacity. A magnetic door lock with a load capacity of 280kg means that it can withstand a significant amount of force before it releases and allows the door to open. This makes it suitable for use on heavy-duty doors or doors that may be subjected to attempts at forced entry.

Additionally, magnetic door locks are known for their reliability and durability. They are typically built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and can provide long-lasting security for doors in various settings.

Installation of a magnetic door lock is relatively straightforward, requiring basic electrical wiring to connect the electromagnet to a power source and a control mechanism, such as a keypad, card reader, or access control system, to activate and deactivate the lock as needed.

In summary, a magnetc door lock with a 280kg load capacity is a robust and effective security solution for doors requiring extra strength and protection. Its magnetic force securely holds the door closed, providing reliable access control and peace of mind for property owners and occupants.


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