• Model No.: P3600-04-2AC
  • 1 console port
  • 2 mini USB Poert
  • 8 fixed PON ports
  • 4 GE TX ports
  • 4 10GE/SFP+ ports
  • Supported GPON SFP module:PX20+, PX20++,PX20+++
  • AC 100-240V, dual power input
  • DC 36-72V Input Option
  • 19-inch rackmounted


Revolutionizing Connectivity: BDCOM EPON OLT P3600-08-2AC

In the realm of advanced optical networking solutions, the BDCOM EPON 8 port OLT P3600-08-2AC stands as a pinnacle of innovation, promising unparalleled connectivity for businesses and service providers. Tailored to meet the demands of modern networking environments, this 8 port EPON OLT seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with a robust set of features. Download datasheet fo P3600-8-2ACĀ  OLT.

Exceptional Connectivity: At the heart of the P3600-08-2AC’s capabilities are its eight EPON ports, laying the groundwork for efficient communication between the OLT and ONUs. This OLT goes beyond expectations, featuring 1 console port for streamlined management. Additionally, the OLT is equipped with four gigabit TX ports and four 10GE/GE SFP+ 10GE ports, ensuring versatile and high-speed connectivity options for various networking needs.

Versatility and Scalability: The inclusion of eight EPON ports signifies the OLT’s commitment to scalability and versatility. This makes the P3600-08-2AC an ideal solution for businesses seeking to expand their network infrastructure to accommodate a growing number of users and devices.

Robust Hardware Configuration: Engineered for peak performance, the P3600-08-2AC boasts a robust hardware configuration. With AC 100-240V dual power input, the OLT ensures flexibility and reliability in power supply, catering to diverse deployment scenarios. The 19-inch rack-mounted design adds a layer of adaptability, making it suitable for various network setups.

User-Friendly Management: Network administrators will appreciate the user-friendly management interfaces, facilitating seamless configuration and monitoring. The console port enhances accessibility, allowing for efficient management tasks and troubleshooting procedures.

Reliability Redefined: Equipped with dual power input and a rack-mounted design, the P3600-08-2AC places a strong emphasis on reliability. This is especially critical in network setups where uninterrupted connectivity is paramount, ensuring businesses can operate smoothly without disruptions.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the BDCOM EPON 8 Port OLT modelĀ  P3600-08-2AC redefines the landscape of optical networking. Its impressive specifications, including eight EPON ports, gigabit TX ports, and a user-friendly interface, position it as an exceptional choice for businesses looking to enhance and future-proof their network infrastructure. For a networking solution that combines power, precision, and scalability, the P3600-08-2AC stands at the forefront of innovation.

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BDCOM P3600-8 EPON 8 port OLT.


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